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released April 3, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Simeon Lauber at Chocolate Factory



all rights reserved


TORCH IT Giessen, Germany

Hardcore, Gießen, Germany

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Track Name: Reality Check
You can love it or hate it, but it's a fact
You reap what you sow, what you give you get back
Who put you in that spot to always criticize, analyze everyone, victimize
Reality check for Mr. Bigshot, face it, have you ever put your heart into something honest?
I think not.
You know nothing about struggle in life
You know nothing about loss and strife
Don't have the time to deal with you scum
I got 99 problems but you rat ain't one
Track Name: Square One
the handshake hides money and intentions inside
as vultures circle, you live on borrowed time
but you're too blind to see the impending doom, I’ll smile when you choke on your silver spoon
this is the consequence, what goes around comes around
this is the reaper taking names in a last crackdown
your tiny world goes up in flames, you stare and you stutter
a message from the lost, with greetings from the gutter
better all alone, better on my own, than with people showing no respect
turn around, close the door, disconnect. why should I care about you if you don’t have my back?
Corruption and lies will bring us all down
I’ve taken my fate into my own hands
a pivotal moment when the lesson’s learned, when you realize the worth of all the bridges burnt
Track Name: Prison
No sign of change in this world I hate
Cause when I look around I see a ghost town. I am sick of it
Out the back door into the street lights embrace the vice
Roaming around under black hoods, never sleep at night
Either you lick your wounds or take back what’s yours
Do you let everything you love just fade away?
Just look around, this is a ghost town where propaganda rules
So I doubt and test every word I receive, I avoid TV, I avoid to give in to mediocrity
You should count your blessings and watch your back for we are out there and we won’t forget
You should count your blessings and watch your back for we are out there and we won’t forget
The voices you kill and the prisons you build
Reclaim what’s yours - or burn it all down
Burn it to the ground
Track Name: Tough Love
thanks alot I'm fine, but do you really wanna know? cause I've been watching you faking interest, smile to everyone around
holding hands, boosting your self-esteem. Two faced snake princess
weighing me down
tough love
Back when we first met you sunk your teeth in deep
Now three years later I'm free again, but there's litte left of me
for you it’s all a game, they are all just means to an end
gotta be honest here, gotta get this off my chest
Take a good hard look at yourself
at the weakness behind the mask
that you chew hearts and spit them out
must leave a bitter taste in your mouth
Cause what you deserve is what you will get
and you're more jaded than you'd ever like to admit
thanks alot I'm fine, I've learned my lesson well
No love for the likes of you or the games you play
Track Name: Destroy Control
I'm wide awake for the first time, and I will sleep no more. They offer nothing, no discourse, only teargas and clubs
Spit out the blood in your mouth and just keep going. They have no fucking answers for our questions anyway. Destroy all control
Track Name: Life is War (feat. Jay Harm/Shelter)
I always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst
Life is war you know that yourself
Although we are still here till the coffin’s closed
All the shit we’re faced are the hammer and nails - yeah
Dog eat dog! The ruthless prevail
Don’t look into these eyes you won’t see yourself
Only the taint and pain and a faint-hearted hope
It’s a joke that never ends, the punch line’s missing
That’s why you never see me fucking smile
Life is tough. Life is quicksand. Life is fucking war.
For all I know truth has a tendency to be breaking through
Do you still pray to your god or are you past that, too?
I’m not a shepherd but I sure am no fucking sheep
Life is war and I am in too deep
Call me stupid or brave, but I always choose the high road and the bare knuckle fight
I’d shake the devil’s hand if he mutes my demons so I can sleep for just one night
Dog eat dog!