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released May 12, 2017

Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Kris Bräuning at Steel Recordings Studio



all rights reserved


TORCH IT Giessen, Germany

Hardcore, Gießen, Germany

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Track Name: Hell or High Water (feat. Louis, Peace Of Mind)
Fight the pressure. My demons keep on growing stronger in my darkest of days. Become my ball and chain but still have to find my own way. Headfirst through every wall, sever the ties. Whatever it takes, fighting with mind, words or knife. I can’t change who I am and can’t change how I feel. That’s why I’m clutching my throat I am my own worst enemy. Pull myself together, when I’m around you, for what it’s worth, try not to pull you down, too. In a state of hesitation and doubt. Perpetual purgatory, anxious to find a way out. Try to fight the pressure, come on. It’s always darkest before the dawn. All our heroes have fallen or gone, we need to make it on our own. We all carry our shit, trudging on and on, wasting our time, until we wake up and see it’s gone. My life is such a mess, doubt I can turn it around, but there’s no real choice, it’s just swim or sink and drown. So turn it around.
Track Name: Backbiter
Once again I can feel this breathing down my neck. Got this pressure on my chest, got to put this to rest. Get off my back, by now I know your wisdoms by heart. If this has ever been a friendship, it has fallen apart. You’re a product of this world. Two faced motherfucker, I don’t need you by my side. I won’t lie, never thought you’d be betraying me. Ghost town, hell city, no one here knows any pity for you. You’re just a backseat driver, a fucking backbiter. Always running your mouth and now the noose grows tighter. Always talking shit and now the chips are down. Every lie and scheme will come back to hunt you down.
Track Name: Admit Defeat
Lately I need regular proof that I’m still alive. In my chest, I lack a beating heart. The more I try to keep myself together, the more I seem to fall apart. I doubt you‘d survive one night in my mind. It is dark outside but no sleep in sight. I’m in need of a soothing touch, but I’m alone, think and drink too much. All the problems with myself, all the problems with this world scream so loud, I can’t find a way out. Out of my head, off my bed, off my fucking knees. Out of this disease. But you know me, I won’t admit defeat.
Track Name: Paradise
Routines were tearing down my mind until I lost it. I’m exhausted and you’re next, so count your blessings, count your losses. All this time, all this energy for nothing. There is no trap door that will bring you back to where you once began, no. You were told there’s so much money to earn and chase, but it’s safe to say the cold hard cash will turn to ash and all your best years have gone to waste. Another wild animal in a cubicle cage unaware of the bars, unaware of your rage. They pull your teeth or just knock them in, call it fair, but you can’t kiss another man, cause that’s a fucking sin? The snares are all set, the trap is ready to snap. Snake eyes, thin ice. We’ve sacrificed our freedom for a false peace and we pay the price. Snake eyes, thin ice. We’ve sacrificed our dreams for a dead paradise.